BA University of Chicago—Liberal Arts
MA University of Chicago—English Literature

Exhibitions, Solo:

1961 Brynwood Country Club, Milwaukee, WI

1959, 1962 Milwaukee Jewish Community Center, Milwaukee, WI

1962 Alverno College, Milwaukee, WI

1962 Robert Scheunke Gallery, Milwaukee, WI

1963 Wisconsin State College

1967, 1971 Shimer College, Mt. Carroll, IL

1972, 1976, 1977, 1996 St. John’s College, Annapolis, MD

1993 Taylor Gallery Lynchburg, Va

1998 Material Culture, Bethesda, MD

2016 Annapolis Collection Gallery Annapolis, MD

Exhibitions, Two Person:

1964 Milwaukee Jewish Community Center, Milwaukee, WI

1976 Maryland Federation of Art, Annapolis, MD.

1994 Carol Jones Gallery, Chicago, IL

2014 Q Street Fine Art, Washington DC

Exhibitions, Group:

1962 Renaissance Society Invitational, University      of Chicago, Chicago, IL

1962 Streslin Invitational, Milwaukee, WI

1962 Johnson Foundation Invitational, Racine, WI

1962 Milwaukee Arts Center, Milwaukee, WI

1963 Festival of the Arts Invitational, University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, WI

1963 Sixth Annual Beloit and Vicinity Exhibition, Wright Art Center, Beloit, WI

1963 Ninth Annual Drawing and Small Sculpture Show, Ball State Teachers College, Muncie, IN

1963 & 1965 Friends of Art Gallery, Milwaukee Art Center, Milwaukee, WI

1964 Treasures of Wisconsin Art Invitational, Milwaukee Art Center, Milwaukee, WI

1964 Janesville Art League Invitational, Janesville, WI

1970 Dorsky Gallery, NYC.

1970 Sculpture Center NYC

1972 Gallery K, Washington, DC

1974 Maryland Federation of Art, Annapolis, MD

1980 Watermark Gallery, Annapolis, MD

1990 Twentieth Century Sculpture, Mitchell Gallery, St. John’s College, Annapolis, MD

1990 Roe Galleery, Baltimore MD

1991 Dadian Gallery, Wesley Theological Seminary, Washington, DC

1991, 1992 Watkins Gallery, The American University, Washington, DC

1994 Delaplain Visual Arts Center, Frederick, MD

1994 Rock Creek Gallery, Chevy Chase, Washington, DC

1995 Maryland College of Art, Silver Spring MD

1998 Anne Arundel Community College, Annapolis, MD

2009 Ira Pinto Gallery, Washingon. DC

2014 S. John’s College , Annapolis, MD

2016 Q Street Fine Arts Washington, DC


1958 Honorable Mention, Chicago Artists and Vicinity Exhibition, Navy Pier, Chicago, IL

1958 First Prize in Sculpture, Renaissance Society Festival of the Arts, University of Chicago, Chicago, IL

1970 First Prize in Sculpture and Best of Show in portraiture, Chautaugua Exhibition, Chautaugua, NY

Representation, History:

Irving Gallery, Milwaukee; Robert Scheunke   Gallery, Milwaukee; Oehlschlager Gallery, Chicago; Welna Gallery, Chicago; Carol Jones Gallery, Chicago; Sculpture Center, NYC; Dorsky Gallery, NYC; Gallery K, Washington, DC; Roe Gallery, Baltimore MD; Watermark Gallery, Annapolis, MD; DeMatteis Gallery, Annapolis, MD; Ira Pinto Gallery, Annapolis MD; Taylor Gallery, Lynchburg, Va.  Ira Pinto Gallery, Washington, DC. Currently represented by Q Street Fine Art, Washington, DC, Annapolis Collection Gallery, Annapolis, MD and Saatchi Art.

Teaching Experience:

1979-92 St. John’s College, Annapolis, MD.  Artist in Residence instructing in sculpture, life-drawing, preceptorials in the visual arts.  Director, St, John’s College Art Gallery. St. John’s College Mitchell Gallery.

Director St. John’s College Workshop Program offering classes in painting, sculpture, life-drawing, pottery.

1972-77 St. John’s College, Annapolis, MD. Tutor (member of academic faculty) and Artist in Residence instructing in sculpture, life-drawing and the following academic classes:  Freshman, Sophomore and Junior Seminars (Great Books of Western Civilization from Homer through eighteenth century); Freshman Mathematics (Euclid and Ptolomy); Freshman Laboratory (measurement and chemistry); Sophomore Laboratory (biology).

1974 June—August.  St. John’s Graduate Institute, Santa Fe, New Mexico (offers MA degree in liberal arts):  Literature Tutorial; Seminar in Philosophy and Religion.

1978 June-August.  St. John’s Graduate Institute, Annapolis, MD:  Literature Tutorial.

1964-71:  Shimer College, Mt. Carroll, IL.  Member of Faculty (official title) instructing in sculpture, life-drawing, and the following academic classes:  Humanities I (analysis and interpretation of formal elements of visual arts, literature, and music); Humanities II (critical analysis and interpretation of literature);  Humanities III (critical evaluation of literature);  Humanities IVA (critical evaluation of contemporary poetry, drama and fiction);  Humanities IVC (critical evaluation of contemporary painting and sculpture);  Humanities 40 (senior research in the humanities);  History of American Literature;  History of English Literature;  Elizabethan and Jacobean Drama;  Novels and Short Stories of Henry James. Chair of Humanities I.

1958-64:  Layton School of Art, Milwaukee, WI.  Member of Faculty instructing in Beginning, Intermediate, Advanced Sculpture and Life Drawing. Instructor in World Literature for candidates for degree offered jointly by Layton and the University of Wisconsin.

Technical Background:

Experienced in use of clay, plaster, wax, cement, polyester and epoxy resins, stone and wood carving, welding, foundry, flexible and rigid mould making, enlarging.

Publications, Lectures:

The Visual Arts and the Liberal Arts; Looking at Visual Art; Looking at Sculpture; A Survey of Sculpture and its Trends; The Contemporary Importance of Sculpture; Form and Content in Sculpture; Art and Intellect in Classical Antiquity; Medieval Architecture; Photography and Painting; The Waste Land; Prufrock; The Metamorphosis of Satan in “Paradise Lost”; Ibsen’s “Master Builder”; Sacred and Secular Imagery in “A Tale of Two Cities”; King Lear; The Problem of the Narrator in Hawthorne’s “Blithdale Romance”Raskolnikov’s DreamThe Design of “The Waste Land”; The Country of the Blind, a New Approach to Ibsen’s Plays.  Image and Word,: How Visual Art Communicates Meaning; catalogue for exhibition of the same name at Mitchel Gallery, St. John’s College, Annapolis, MD.